"If friends of ‘Roommate 2’ were quiet, it would have been uncomfortable for me. But they are all active including Seho. So it’s like having a party excluding the part that I worry about the sound of me going to the toilet might be heard through the mike."

—Jackson being brutally honest during the Dispatch interview (x)
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he just wants to hold her hand

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141006 Incheon Airport
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15 second eye-catching video - Jr. ver.

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Peter Pan Syndrome | DO NOT EDIT.
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yugyeom’s uncanny imitation of the wang swag

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JYP US Tour audition 

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Take A Bow | DO NOT EDIT.
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wangheo (aka actual puppies) moments [1/?]

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Hi do you mind if I ask if you know why JB unfollow so many people on Instagram? Sorry if this is bothering you, I'm only asking cos I'm a bit lost, maybe I'm just a bit behind with news

ASKED BY Anonymous.


I thought I’d get this question sooner or later

1. Korean fans of certain JYPE fandom (2PM fans) found out that JB Mark and Jackson followed Jay Park on instagram and they got mad (considering the drama between Jay and 2PM from 2009 they thought JYPE artists shouldn’t follow him)

2. Some of them sent the members messages and criticised them on twitter

3. All GOT7 members unfollowed Jay, and JB unfollowed all korean artists he followed (JYPE artists and Jay included) because he probably thought this issue would become even bigger if he unfollowed 1 person only. I don’t know if he’s planning to follow those people again in future..

find out more here

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