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real got7 season 2.8: youngjae edition

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when leader is hungry…
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Hi okay yes aaah this is my second follow forever! I just reached 2k followers (tbh a bit more than that since im so late on this ff) and i just want to say thank you so so much! Idek why people follow me all i do is complain and make gifs of got7 hahaha but oh gosh thank you so so much!

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jackson’s instagram update x

U are mine. #got7family #husband

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200% | do not edit

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ROOMMATE Episode 21: Jackson Wang.

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Lovefullboy | DO NOT EDIT.
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in which jaebum has a crush on bambam..

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(Eng. Trans.) Fanaccount of Jackson at a fansign



During GOT7’s debut days, I went to a fansign. I liked JJ Project so I went to see Jr. and JB and although I knew the faces of the other members, I didn’t even know their names and had trouble even telling them apart. It was really terrible of me to try for the GOT7 fansign in that situation just to see those two but…at the fansign, I only talked a lot with Jr. and JB and barely even spoke in front of the other members.

But I got to a member named Jackson and he had a very sharp look so I was a little scared. The other members didn’t really talk much because I didn’t talk but Jackson suddenly started singing Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar while signing. He was just nodding his head and quietly singing “Bar Bar Bar Bar~” so I looked at him like ㅡ..ㅡ like ‘What is this person doing’. But then Jackson said, “Don’t think of me as a difficult person (Don’t be uncomfortable). I like Korea”. I guess he thought that I was uncomfortable because he’s a foreigner member. So I was taken aback and said, “Ah no. You’re not difficult” then he chuckled and said, “Let’s hold hands. I like holding hands” and held both of my hands tightly. “When you come again next time, we have to talk a lot” and said “Thank you so much for coming” then drew a giant heart next to his autograph. Afterwards, I walked back down and was sitting blankly in my chair. There was a talk time afterwards and he walked over while doing a weird dance and came right in front of my face going “Noona~~~” and locked fingers with me again.

I went home and was honestly really sorry ㅠ He must’ve been really excited because he debuted and was having a fansign but he even showed so much care to a fan that didn’t even talk. It must’ve been difficult for him also because it was his first time. I was so thankful so I found my old Instagram ID and sent him a direct message expressing my gratitude. He read it and left a comment and liked a selca and another picture that I uploaded in the past….


He’s so freakin kind I don’t know how I can tell everyone I really hope he is successful Ah ㅠ So kind…ㅠㅠ

Translated by shmesm ; Please take out with credit

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This part hit home, Jackson seem sincere and the fact GukJoo assumes that Jackson is joking says a lot. Jackson played with her and hugged her. If I’m not mistaken SeHo said something about GukJoo’s weight. I would have said the same too to Jackson. Guys use to bully me about my appearance. Jackson is the youngest in the house and is cute (Let’s be real he not ugly.) so to her it’s a joke because she is probably more use to guys like SeHo than Jackson.

Jackson seem sincere so that says a lot about him. He could of easily said Joon because they connected easily. Yet he picked her. I know Jackson play too much and is very silly but he does seem like the type to be serious when need be.

During their introductions in the living room you could see him holding her elbow or cling to her arm like Jackson is 100% here for her and I love it

do not sleep on jackson wang

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Yugyeom imitating Jackson

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